Saturday, February 6, 2016

Problem Solving!

Hey Kinder Friends,
We have been having tons of fun in math. This year it seems to be our favorite subject and that is ok with me. I have had more fun with it too. Although there are several things to love about my class this year and too many to even list there is one thing that I especially love.
My class is a class of problem solvers! Recently when I was working with a small group I noticed that the kids had found some new counting mats I had put in our BUILD boxes. I could hear a lot of chatter and see some scrambling around so I decided to check it out. The kids were searching around the room to find all of the black UNIFIX cubes and at some point they realized that we didn't have enough for all the counting mats. Someone suggested that they start looking for white cubes so that they could finish the counting mats.
One thing lead to another and this is what they came up with. Instead of just using counting mats for counting use them for story problem mats. I just love that they came up with this twist on their own. And I love that I have tons of counting mats I can use for this already on hand. I might need more counters and dry erase markers but I am ok with that. If you have a ton of UNIFIX cubes that are not being used have the kids bag them up and get them ready to go!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Fresh Start...Or Fresh Squeezed?

Hey Kinder Friends,
A new year and we are all off to a running start. I swear there has been no time to look back. With so much ahead look forward to all we can do is take the lessons learned from the past and prepare for a fresh start. I like the sound of a fresh start. It is a start that is fresh and full of possibilities. But with all of the excitement of new possibilities and a fresh new year to plan for it is no wonder we sometimes feel more like fresh squeezed. That is why I loved the idea of TeacherspayTeachers having a new year sale after we all have returned to work. January 20th and 21st it is all on sale! For additional savings use the code START16.
The goals have been set and the work is well underway. We now plan with the end in mind. Some goals short and some goals long but either way they As teachers we have individual student goals, class goals, professional goals, family goals and lastly personal goals. And usually we define those goals by one simple word. This year I define my goals by being...
I may struggle with my goals.
I may adjust my goals.
I may surpass my goals.
I may evaluate my goals.
But in order to do anything with any goals I set I know I have to be persistent.
Between now and my first short term goal I have three big hurdles in my way...

So if you are feeling a little squeezed with all of that goal setting and being the super teacher that you are, I somehow get it. Maybe the Fresh Start sale is for you too! I am excited to pick up a few things that will help me reach my goals and pick up a few things that I do not have time to create because I am being persistent with my goals. Either way, join me and TpT and squeeze a Fresh Start out to your fresh new year!  


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