Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sort It Out!

Hey Kinder Friends,
We have been working hard and having a little fun just sorting it all out! And when I say sorting it all out, I literally mean it. Apparently there was a little bit of disarray in a few of our centers and we needed to sort it out just to make sense of it all.
We got right to work and hands-on figured out what sorting actually was. We clearly defined what it meant and took some pictures to help us remember this experience. It took a while to decide our categories and decide how we would organize such a mixture of materials.
Once we decided on our categories we got right to work. I think you can tell in the picture that we were moving right along and getting the job done. In our world this IS real world problem solving at its best. And the kids will tell you that they sure remember the experience. The pictures we took that day were used for our math vocabulary posters and everyone has a clear understanding of what sorting is and what it is not!
A few weeks ago we had five new students enter our class on the same day. It didn't take long before we realized that we had to teach the new students about sorting. I let the kids guide that lesson and they did a great job. I thought they did a wonderful job of being leaders in this endeavor and explaining the reasons for our sorts.
We have also spent a lot of time sorting different things in different ways. We have sorted letters, shapes, names and had time for some conceptual sorts too. All of these experiences have enabled us to be able to sort independently and describe our sorts. 
And after all of this the kids are now coming to me with ideas of things to sort. So, I guess we sorted it all out and can't wait for more! 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Flashlight Friday!

Hey Kinder Friends,
We finally made it to the end of the week and it sure was a week filled with a lot of learning and laughter. To say I am a little bit giddy with a newly installed piece of technology is probably and understatement. We have used it for so many things this week that I finally noticed just how dark my room is when the lights are not on. It had me thinking...What about Flashlight Friday? It sure has been a while since I have had flashlight Friday. I mentioned it to the kids when I pulled out a bag of flashlights by mistake the other day. Considering they knew how dark the room could be they had a lot of questions about how that would work and how they would not be scared in the dark. And what I love about my class the most is that they suggested we make an anchor chart! Yep, you read that right.
And I have a class that just loves to edit and revise what we have written until it is just right. So we write, practice and revise every single anchor chart...every single time. Eventually we will have it written just the way we want it. And trust me nobody is short on suggestions! This truly reflects a shared pen experience and I have to say I love it. 
When I promised Flashlight Friday earlier in the week I had forgotten about our ipad time. Lucky for us it kind of fit right in to the theme so we turned off the lights and got to work. Even though the children had grouped themselves in clusters it was pretty quiet in the room and very calming. 
We moved on to practice some sight words which was a big hit on the big screen. You know practice makes progress! 
We ended our Flashlight Friday with flashlight reading. And it was a hit according to the kids. We already are talking about what else we can do for our next Flashlight Friday and I am kind of excited too! 
Now is the perfect time to fins flashlights at a good price in the Halloween section. These were found at WalMart years ago and have lasted about four years. They were a dollar a piece and worth the money since we use them for science too. I have a flashlight for each pair of students because Flashlight Friday is buddy reading for us and everything is just better shared with friends! 


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